Ongoing Projects

Name of the project Funding agency Theme objective Operational area of work Image
Child Line India Ministry of women & child development Govt. of India Child protection and child friendly nation A 24hours national emergency telephone services for children in need care & protection All over jamtara district
Project name & Funding Agency Project area & Number of Villages Theme Area of intervention
Arho Johar – Find Your Feet Godda, (Sunderpahari) 50 Governance, Livelihoods Forest rights, PESA Act , Nutrition
Increasing Peoples Access and Tenure Rights Over forest Resources–Oxfam India Godda, (Sunderpahari) 50 Governance, Livelihoods The project’s goal is ‘Marginalized tribal and other forest dependent communities have improved livelihoods based on better access to and management rights over forest land, forest resources and clean energy’
Integrated watershed management programme – Government of Jharkhand Pakur (Littipara)-50 Livelihoods This is an imperative activity of Badlao Foundation to combat soil erosion in the undulating region of Santhal Pargana. Soil and moisture conservation activities include trenching, boulder checks, gully plugs and promoting vegetation on the upper catchment areas. Land development activity includes Construction of bunds, small water harvesting structure and plantation. Around 125 acres of land have been brought under plantation; 124 farmers have received their land title under FRA and are in the process to do cultivation.
Integrated watershed management programme NABARD-RIDF Dumka (Masaliya)-42
Awakening for Zero Hunger CINI India Jamtara -20 Health, Education, Nutrition Ownership and awareness on nutrition targets (SDG 2 target 2.2, WHA nutrition targets) by the state government.Effective implementation of the nutrition targets by the state government. Strengthening actions and collaboration between civil society, academic institutions, community groups and common citizens for deepening work around SDG 2, target 2.2 and WHA targets.
UMANG ICRW Jamtara Nala -81 Health Education Nutrition Reducing child marriage by empowering adolescents
Jharkhand Tribal Development Society JTELP Jamtara -35 Governance Badlao Foundation in association with Jharkhand Tribal Development society (JTDS), started Jharkhand tribal empowerment and livelihood programme (JTELP) in Jamtara block of Jamtara District in the year 2015. Badlao foundation is working with approximately 5500 families in 35 villages of Jamtara block, targeting STs and PTGs women headed families, rural youth and BPL families
Traid craft - Oak foundation Godda, (Sunderpahari) with special focus on paharia -90 Livelihoods Reduce vulnerability and improve sustainable livelihoods and food sovereignty among 3000 pahariya households, particularly women, in two blocks of Jharkhand.