Ongoing Projects

Name of the Project Theme of the project Name of the donor Location Coverage Achievements



Government of Jharkhand

Pakur (Littipara)

42 villages

4150 HouseHold

a. 191 hectare area Trench Cum Bund (TCB) in Littipara

b. 6 hectare area Water absorption tank (WAT) in Littipara

c. 6 Dobah in Littipara (60’x60’x10’) for irrigation




Dumka (Masaliya)


4200 HouseHold

a. 450 hectare area Trench Cum Bund (TCB) in in Masaliya

b. 9 earthen check dam in Masaliya

c. 17 Dobah in Masaliya (60’x60’x10’) for irrigation


Livelihood & INRM , community empowerment

Government of Jharkhand

Jamtara block

35 villages

5445 HouseHold

a. Promotion of fisheries in 55 out of 72 ponds of 29 Tribal Villages

b. 95% SHGs are conducting weekly meeting regularly and90% of total 126 SHGs have submitted small income generation plan

Increasing Peoples Access and Tenure Rights Over forest resources

Forest right act 2006 and NTFP livelihood


Godda (Sunderpahari)

50 villages

2176 HouseHold

a. 231 IFR claims were made for the total area of 162.98 Acre by 28 villages out of 35 villages.

b. 175 people from 12 villages received151.71 acre of land.

c. 160 smokeless chulha were build in different villages

Arho Johar

Forest right and Food Security

Find your Feet


50 villages

2700 HouseHold

a. Total 21 IFR has been submitted to Forest Right Committee, covering 7.84 hector.

b. 3 villages have submitted 1236.87 hector under Community Forest Right.

c. Villagers of 7 villages empowered and aware about the forest right act 2006


Reducing child marriage by empowering adolescents UMANG


Jamtara Nala

81 villages

8800+ Adolescent Girls

a. Covered 123 villages under 45 panchayats of Nala and Jamtara blocks. Male engagement villages- 90, VLCPC- 156, Male youth groups- 270, total adolescent girls-8875, schools-27

b. football training workshop for girls

c. Street plays in villages under operational area.

d. teachers training on gender roles

GEMS (Gender Equity Movement in school)

Adolescent girls empowerment and gender equity in school for reducing child marriage


Narayanpur block, Jamtara

76 middle schools and 9 high school

a. Orientation on gender perspective with the HMs (83 out of 85).

b.Covered 176 nodal teachers from different school for training workshop.

c. Supported 35 SMC facilitation training.

d. Community GEA, covered 3471 adolescent girls.

Child line project

Establishing the CHILDLINE service across the country,

Govt. of India

Jamtara Districts

( 0-18 Age child work)

Successfully intervene 11 cases which include child marriage, trafficking & lost and found.


Reduce vulnerability and improve sustainable livelihoods and food sovereignty among 3000 pahariya households, particularly women, in two blocks of Jharkhand.

Oak foundation

Godda, (Sunderpahari) and Pakur Litipara

With special focus on Paharia - Village -90

Group formation for self help.

Empower the awareness level of the community.

Khadi Gram Udyog

To empower the community for sustaining themselves

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC)

Badlao have outlets in following areas Ranchi, Jamtara, Chittaranjan,


Tribal women are engaged

Promoted Tussar weaving, Spinning and market linkages within SC and ST communities for more income generation