Badlao foundation is a registered community based organization, set up in the year14.09.1982 (Registration No 131/1982-83 Year 1982) under the able guidance, dynamic leadership and committed Social worker Sri Bajrang singh, who was deeply worried and shocked to see the deplorable plight of tribal life which inspired him to come forward towards transformation in their socio-economic condition.

Badlao Foundation could harness the utmost support of some committed social activist, social scientist, local community worker/ leaders, National/International agencies in this endeavor of the process of socio economic transformation intending to ameliorate the condition of the unreached population like primitive Tribes.

Short Introduction

For the past four decades since 1980s, Badlao Foundation has been actively Striving and sincerely working as a committed grass root NGO in the region of Santhal Pargana of the State of Jharkhand.

All the districts of Santhal Pargana region including Jamtara, Godda, Sahebgunj, Pakur, Dumka and Deoghar have been the areas of activities of Badlao Foundation. Our Goal, over these years, has been to ensure attainment of quality nutrition, health and education status and access to various social security and social assistance schemes of Government of Jharkhand and Government of India to the tribal population and other marginalized population groups in the region.

Our focus of work has been on, (i) promoting livelihoods and rights of tribal population and other underprivileged communities with special focus on women; and (ii) strengthening the PRI institutions and Gram Sabhas for effective delivery of public services to the resident population.

We realize that gender discrimination is one of the main causes of inequality ‘within’ each of these groups. In fact, as the noted socialist leader, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia, once referring to the position of women in Indian society, said, “Women are Dalits amongst the Dalits”. In view of this, women empowerment is a means to bring in social equality. Our approach and methodology has been to work through forming of women ‘Self Help Groups’-SHGs at the village level and federating these into ‘Mahila-Sabhas’ at the district and state level.

At present we have been actively working in 392 villages through our different projects. The choice of Badlao Foundation’s operational area and its target population both reflect deliberate efforts to bring equal opportunities and freedom to groups of people who have been socially, economically and geographically marginalized. The foundation focuses on remote, interior and underdeveloped areas of Santhal Pargana without access to other agents of change. (Google map)

Sister Organisations

  • Badlao Institute of Training and Management (BITM)
  • Badlao Institute of Education (BIE)
  • Mutual Benefit Trust (MBT)
  • Samarthan Weekling Development Foundation

Registration Details

    Registration No under Indian Trust Act, 1882. Registration No. 131/1982-83 dated 14.09.1982
    FCRA No. Registration No. 37830005, renewed in 2016
    12 (A) Registration under Income Tax Act Registration No. 15/84-85/4161-63, year 1985
    80 (G) Registration under Income Tax Act Registration No. C-I-T/DHN/80G –17/04-05/419/21
    TAN RCHB00737C, dated 15.09.2004
    PAN AAATB2137K, dated 30.03.1985
    EPF JHRN00057774000
    Gratuity P & GS/352568/201577, dated 01.01.2003
    Service Tax Code AAATB2137KSD002, dated 24.04.2017
    KVIC CCC/BHR/3866
    Neeti Ayog RJ/2016/0104367