Case Studies

Case Study 1

15km from Jamtara block, chandreepa panchayat is home to santhal communities. Most of the tribal families work as labourers. Due to poor transportation and infrastructure facilities residents face lack of access to basic amenities and almost cut off from mainstreaming. Due to poverty they are not able to eat any kind of vegetables.


Case Study 2

As we all know Jamtara Block is surrounded with santhal communities. This is the story of a woman named Sima Murmu who stays in Mejhiya panchayat which is 12km from Jamtara Block. AS they are belong from a poor family and her husband is working as daily labour so she unable to come to the AWC as she have some family pressure so she is not able to


Case Study 3

Halodi Murmu lives in Netaidih village about 12kms away from Jamtara block. There is no general hospital or maternity home nearby. After delivery her son was declare as a case of low birth weight due to lack of nutrition and there is no growth visible in his body. But when our project AWAZ was started then with


Case Study 4

Group name: Phulo Jhano Women’s Group, Saharpura

Story title: Goat became self sufficient awareness about government schemes by joining the group

Health and nutrition information service

Before joining the scheme, women did not


Case Study 5

Group name: Badligarh women’s group, Mejhiya
Story title: farming become economical and self- supporting by mutual cooperation and organized, awareness about government schemes by joining the group, health and nutrition information received. Before joining the scheme, the women here used to work as a wage labourer.