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The focus of this component is to see that mother and child are healthy and that maternal and infant mortality rates are reduced. This is done by registering expecting and lactating mothers for pre and postnatal care and providing sustained preventive immunization services to all mothers and children. Distribution of iron and folic acid tablets to expecting mothers is an essential part of this service. Malnourished children are identified and regular growth monitoring conducted. Expecting and new mothers and children in the age group of 0-5 years are also provided with nutritious supplements in order to prevent malnutrition. Another aspect of the programme is to induce behavioural changes in child rearing practices such as feeding colostrums to a child within an hour of birth, introducing green leafy vegetables and milk in the diet of an expecting mother etc. With the objective of improving Neo-Natal Outcomes through Community and Home Based Interventions in the state Of Jharkhand the organization is working to address the health issues of 106 villages in 11 panchayats of the Nala block of Jamtara district.

The main strategy of the project to empower the rural women so that they start demanding their rights and entitlements relating to health services and also there is an increase in the access to the government health services. Also the existing government health delivery staffs and local level resources like the traditional birth attendants and the quacks are capacitated so that they carry out their functions effectively and responsibly. The future parents (adolescents) are also capacitated so that they become effective peer educators and spread the knowledge of healthy and hygienic living among others.


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Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

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