Another notable innovation to counter expensive private healthcare was Badlao Foundationís programme of Health Insurance. This programme was meant for people belonging to Badlao Foundationís programme villages. Under the provisions of this programme, a villager was required to register himself at Badlao Foundation's weekly clinic for Rs.25. By virtue of this he/she was eligible to get medicine up to the tune of Rs.2500. People were extremely responsive to this programme and Badlao Foundation received wide public support for its work. However, it also had some unforeseen outcomes. The well-off families in the region managed to register themselves and avail of these services, while those who could not afford Rs.25 were left out. Sometimes poor families in need of money sold their insurance cards to the wealthier families to tide over some financial difficulty.

There was no restriction on the doctor (whether Badlao Foundationís team of doctors or private practitioners) from whom the patient could get a medical prescription. As a result many people went to private practitioners and got false prescriptions of medicines worth Rs.2500. On obtaining these medicines free of cost from Badlao Foundationís clinics they began selling these medicines in private shops. Alternatively they claimed Rs 2500 on the basis of false medical bills. As a result of these malpractices and huge losses incurred by the Foundation, it was forced to stop this programme.


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