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Badlao Foundation follows three approaches for addressing the problems in education in its areas of operation:

  • Functional education, which aims at raising level of social awareness and literacy level of adults

  • Alternative education centres, which aims at proving basic primary education

  • Experimental school, which provides experimental and innovative education

With support from the Ministry of Human Resource Development-MHRD (Primary School), Government of India, Badlao Foundation has set up three model experimental schools; Greenwood Public School at Korapara, Mihijam, Jamtara District, other at Machkol, Jarmundi (Dumka district) and in Karanpura in Madhupur Block of Deoghar district The aim of this programme is to mainstream disadvantaged children of 6- 14 years of age in the Santhal Parganas. The teaching method is joyful learning and it includes life skill training and personality development.

The key Accomplishments of this Project are:

  • Multi -grade teaching through innovative technique

  • Establishing strong rapport with the community

  • Preparation of annual syllabus and routine

  • Physical training, craft, painting cultural programme

  • Wall painting for school

  • Medical Check up of the students

  • Regular parent –teacher meeting

Badlao Foundation has also been accredited by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and has been declared as an acclaimed centre for Degree and Certificate courses under Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) system. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) came into existence in the year 1985 with a mandate to democratize higher education by a diversity of means using traditional and new technologies. The university has achieved many milestones in a short span of 21 years existence in terms of courses and programmes introduced, instructional technologies adopted and student services offered. Above all it has enrolled a large number of students achieving a 'mega open university' status. Since 1998 IGNOU has introduced virtual education, with a few academic programmes pertaining to Computer and Information Sciences in two phases.

IGNOU was established as a National Open University in 1985 blazing a new trail in higher education. The launching of this university is the culmination of the concern and desire to democratize higher education to large segments of population, specially the disadvantaged groups and individuals and bring higher education to the doorsteps of all those who look for it and to maintain standards in education by offering a wide variety of academic programmes using innovative technology and diversity of means with uniform curriculum throughout the India.

In April 2005 IGNOU’s special study centre in J. P. Ashram, Korapara, Mihijam, Jamtara district, Jharkhand was established and run by Badlao Foundation. Its activation no. 3615(D) and activated as special study centre. Several academic, diploma and certificate programme such as BA., B.Com, CLP, CIC, BPP, PGDRD, DAFE, CNCC, CWED, CAFÉ, CIG, CFN, CRD, CHR, CTE, CLD, & CDM are running at this centre.

Regular counselling is provided at the study centre, which is a vital aspect of learner support service. It is learner dependent activity helping learners to clarify their needs, feelings and motivations so that they can make appropriate decision for themselves.
This study centre is holding term-end examination for various courses/ various programmes since December 2005. More than 50 counsellors are attached to the centre for supporting the students in various programmes. The centre has its own full-fledged office catering to the administrative and academic needs of the learners. The area being higher education conscious, the centre has ample scope of growth which it has already shown from the very first year of incept.



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