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The English medium school is a major educational intervention of Badlao. Set up three years back it is an ideal educational institution for all round development of children of downtrodden, poor and dalit sections of the society. It primarily caters to the needs of the children from socially excluded and marginalised sections. Not far from the city environment of Mihijam the Greenwood Public School is situated in a big campus within the periphery of Korapara JP Ashram surrounded serenity and greenery. The school is situated amidst sprawling lush green area with seating bases, sliders and hops over in the garden. The school is a peaceful base providing holistic environment that is essential for every child to have peace of mind and inculcate learning interest. It would not be exaggeration to say that Learning is Joy here. The school started with the innovative concept of ensuring quality education to children with focus on Girl Child education. Its basic commitment has been to provide scope to deprived children residing in slums, those who have been opportunity to study and learn in good schools.

The mission has been to ensure education in congenial environment to educate and enable children to cope with socio-economic challenges and develop best in the changing scenario. For ensuring active participation of the parents in the development process of their children the school regularly organises the Parent Teachers Meet to have a clear grasp of the academic and associated activities in the school. Nevertheless the credit for keep children in proper tune and motivate them for future growth goes to the committed teaching staff, who more than being teachers perform the task of motivators These teachers also organise Yoga and Dance classes for the little kids to them both mentally and physically fit and in the process prepare them for future challenges. Keeping in tune to the changing dynamism in the education process and cope with the emerging knowledge transformation process, the school has also arranged computer literacy education.
It is important to mention that the Foundation has started the process of sponsoring children of the school and the first step in this direction has been initiated by the staff members of the Foundation. So far nearly 40 students have been sponsored. The Foundation is trying for financial assistance to upgrade the school to the matric level and also set up modern laboratory for the students. Besides, move is on way to strengthen the basic infrastructure of the school with the prime focus on enriching quality education by adding more latest inputs and innovations achieved in the field of education. Quality of education and devotion of teachers have helped the school retaining the spirit of developing each child into a complete individual in a most valued manner.

Strategy and approach


Badlao Foundation follows three approaches for addressing the problems in education in its areas of operation:

  • Functional education, which aims at raising level of social awareness and literacy level of adults

  • Alternative education centres, which aims at proving basic primary education

  • Experimental school, which provides experimental and innovative education


With support from the Ministry of Human Resource Development-MHRD (Primary School), Government of India, Badlao Foundation has set up three model experimental schools; Greenwood Public School at Korapara, Mihijam, Jamtara District, other at Machkol, Jarmundi (Dumka district) and in Karanpura in Madhupur Block of Deoghar district The aim of this programme is to mainstream disadvantaged children of 6- 14 years of age in the Santhal Parganas. The teaching method is joyful learning and it includes life skill training and personality development.

The key Accomplishments of this Project are:

  • Multi -grade teaching through innovative technique

  • Establishing strong rapport with the community

  • Preparation of annual syllabus and routine

  • Physical training, craft, painting cultural programme

  • Wall painting for school

  • Medical Check up of the students

  • Regular parent –teacher meeting



Women Empowerment and Gender Justice

Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Programme


Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

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# Mahila Sabha on Women Empowerment
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# Bank linkage and Revolving Funds
# Training and Skill Building

# Promotion of Food Security Through System of Rice Intensification

# Promotion of Vegetable Cultivation (Potato & Tomato)

# Promotion of Micro Irrigation Scheme (DRIP)

# Promotion of Tasar, Spinning, Reeling & Weaving Training for Leaf Plate Making

# Vermi Compost and Organic Manuring

# Natural Resource Generation
# Sustainable Cultivation
# Wadi Programme
# Farmers Club
# Early Interventions
# Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
# Health Status of Tribal People
# Health Insurance
# Baseline Survey
# Community Health and Nutrition
  ** Maternal and Child Health Care
** School Health Programme
** Awareness Generation
** Capacity Building of TBAs and Local

Advocacy and Lobby


Building Institutions

Human Resource Development Strategy

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  **Establishment of Non Formal Education 
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