Advocacy and Lobby

With the increasing action and operation, association with like minded organizations has become imperative in the interest of the deprived people. Over the years Badlao Foundation has joined hands with many organizations on issue based movements, rights based campaigns and advocacy for many critical local aspects of national importance. Badlao continues to broad base its approach through sustained efforts.

With governance deficit several development projects are waiting implementation. This has only worsened the socio-economic condition of the poor and tribal people. This situation has also provided opportunity to the exploiters to further oppress them. The Foundation has been striving to ensure that justice reaches to the people. Rights and Entitlements based advocacy and lobby for rural people and deprived tribal have been taken in the right perspective. State and District level forums have been formed and a well planned campaign and pressure group strategy is being followed on issues like Land Rights of Tribal, Property Rights of Tribal Women, Panchayati Raj system and NTFP collection. Press meet and civic meets are arranged at regular intervals to ensure people exposure of these issues.

  • Advocacy on Tribal Women’s Property Rights

  • Advocacy on Rural Employment and Livelihood Opportunity

  • Campaign on RTI and MGNREGA

  • Networking and Liaison on issue based campaigns and Movements

  • Advocacy on promotion of Grass root governance

  • Campaign for quality health care, Nutrition and Sanitation in Jharkhand

  • Campaign for Rights to Education

  • Campaign for Food Security


  • Networking and Advocacy: Create alliances and networks with other NGOs, Mahila Sabhas, other institutions and programs at the village, block, district and state level for reorientation of the state policies, programs and institutions and for the rights based advocacy.

  • Training: Enhance skills, knowledge, experience, attitude, motivation and enabling environment for the capacity development of the grass root institutions by creating additional facilities and networks for communication and training.

  • Livelihood Promotion Project: Undertake direct implementation of livelihood promotion projects in 100 target villages (hamlets-as represented by 100 mahila sabha) for conservation and regeneration of natural resources and promoting fulfilment of basic needs like food, nutrition, health and education with special focus on SC, ST, women and children.

  • Learning and Dissemination: undertake program assessments and evaluations and other research and policy studies and document and disseminate lessons for evidence based advocacy at various levels (village, district, state and central government, donor-development agencies).

The organisation has made commendable efforts during last 31 years to secure rights of the marginalised. In partnership with the Swiss Red Cross (SRC), Switzerland, it implemented the project “Sustainable Development of 100 Villages of Jamtara Block through Integrated Rural Development Approach” from January 2004 to December 2005. The project “Building Civil Society Institution and Partnership”, supported by ICCO (Inter Church Organisation for Development Cooperation), is an initiative to bring an integrated positive change in the lives of the poor. From the inception of its work policy the organisation is working in line with Millennium Development Goals. The project is implemented at Machkol and surrounding 50 villages. The specific objective of this project is to develop Building Institutions, Partnership, Skills and Knowledge and undertaking demonstration projects, research and advocacy in the State of Jharkhand.

KKS supported project was a holistic project addressing issues like community empowerment, promotion of livelihood and environment conservation. Starting in January 2007 the project was implemented in 32 villages of Madhupur and Devipur Blocks in Deoghar district. The main beneficiaries of this project was small and marginal farmers, vulnerable and backward people belonging to BPL category and prone to food insecurity and also economically backward people including wage earners and daily labours. It has a special focus for socio-economic upliftment of women. The key principle of the project is to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable through agriculture and income generating activities.
The Foundation successfully implemented an education programme in Partnership with REACH India (Reaching and Educating at Risk Children) the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi. The focus of this programme was enrolling and retaining children who were at-risk of dropping out and children who have never been to school.

The Child Fund India project aims to enhance Integrated Child Development Project, which is working in four panchayats (Duladih, Supaidih, Saharpura, and Dakinbahal) in 20 villages of Jamtara district. It is aimed at improving children’s access to quality education, and public health delivery system and nutritional inputs.



Women Empowerment and Gender Justice

Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Programme


Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

# Mahila Sabha Mutual Benefit Trust
# Mahila Sabha on Women Empowerment
# Mahila Sabha at a glance
# Bank linkage and Revolving Funds
# Training and Skill Building

# Promotion of Food Security Through System of Rice Intensification

# Promotion of Vegetable Cultivation (Potato & Tomato)

# Promotion of Micro Irrigation Scheme (DRIP)

# Promotion of Tasar, Spinning, Reeling & Weaving Training for Leaf Plate Making

# Vermi Compost and Organic Manuring

# Natural Resource Generation
# Sustainable Cultivation
# Wadi Programme
# Farmers Club
# Early Interventions
# Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
# Health Status of Tribal People
# Health Insurance
# Baseline Survey
# Community Health and Nutrition
  ** Maternal and Child Health Care
** School Health Programme
** Awareness Generation
** Capacity Building of TBAs and Local

Advocacy and Lobby


Building Institutions

Human Resource Development Strategy

  #Human Resource Development
  **Awareness Building
  **Establishment of Non Formal Education 
#Impact of Education
#Major Intervention in Education
#Greenwood Public School
#Strategy and approach
Child Development      

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