The Genesis

Badlao means Change. It is committed to bring about fundamental changes in the lives of the excluded people; Dalits, OBC, Minorities and Tribals and ensure economic freedom for a happier future. It strives to strengthen the capabilities of an individual and community capability is a type of freedom that enables one to choose a lifestyle he wants to live. Its involvement in the socio-economic transformation of the tribal people who were uprooted, marginalised and forced to live the life of poverty and destitution in the wake of the construction of Maithon dam is a testimony to its commitment.

Badlao Foundation subscribes to the view that developmental progress and freedom are intertwined and no community could advance in a comprehensive manner or build up the capabilities unless these are accessible. During last ten years Jharkhand’s gross GDP has increased but it has failed to ameliorate the social and economic condition of the dalit and tribal. Obviously it implies that GDP ought not to be the sole indicator of development.

Rather it should be looked into the perspective of capabilities approach. Significantly people prefer to include economic freedom, access to education and healthcare, and access to political and civil rights. The capabilities approach is very broad in scope and dimension. Badlao owes its birth to the displaced tribal’s agitation against the hegemony of the state and it basically questions the qualitative and ethical approach and concept of the development. When Maithon dam was constructed over river Barakar the uprooted tribals of 39 villages were marginalized and turned paupers. In fact formation, functioning and development of Badlao Foundation owes to its commitment to bring change in society that stands for socially transformed qualitative state of self reliance, based on equality and justice. For Badlao Foundation, equality is a belief in “equality of opportunity” and “dignity of every individual”, irrespective of caste, gender, birth etc.

Realizing the need to uplift and empower them, Mr Bajrang Singh a social activist with a social science background having working experience with bonded labourers in Antyodya Ashram of Deoghar along with some of his associates started working with these people coming from Santhal, Paharia and Bauri communities.

The choice of Badlao Foundation’s operational area and its target population both reflect deliberate efforts to bring equal opportunities and freedom to groups of people who have been socially, economically and geographically marginalized. The Foundation focused on remote, interior and underdeveloped areas of Santhal Paraganas which do not have access to other agents of change. The Foundation also recognizes that gender is one of the main causes of inequality ‘within’ each of these groups. In fact, as Dr Ram Manohar Lohia, once referring to the position of women in Indian society said, “Women are Dalits amongst the Dalits”. Women Empowerment is a means to societal equality.


Equality and equity based gender-just socially self reliant transformed society. We envisage that through the joint and coordinated effort of various stakeholders, MSMBT would be instrumental in achieving economic self sufficiency and social security for the women and participating households in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.


Badlao Foundation endeavors to empower people for social transformation to achieve self reliance and gender justice through participatory efforts and to ensure ecological balance. It strives to uphold human dignity, work for equitable social structure and enable women and socially disadvantaged to claim their rights.



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